A text editor designed for writing, maintaining TODO lists, and project planning.

Freedom & Private

Metanote is a pure text editor, where all files are stored locally in plain text format and organized in the most basic file and folder structure. You have absolute freedom in how you use your files, independent of any platform or software, including Metanote itself. This means you will never be locked into any platform or tool due to your data.

Org mode

Org mode is the best GTD and project management solution I have ever used. Metanote fully supports org mode 9.3.6 syntax, including features like Capture and Agenda View, allowing for a perfect and even enhanced org mode experience on smartphones.

A silky-smooth editing experience

Metanote is developed purely natively, not based on web development, which gives it better performance. Even large files provide a silky-smooth editing experience. The innovative mini buffer feature allows you to record inspirations, ideas, or to-dos without interrupting your current work. Additionally, the full-text search and multi-window editing functions significantly enhance content handling efficiency.